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Why we created games-pond

I am ready to start a gaming blog. Wondering what I write about? I have a list of ideas I am sure that you will be inspired to read once you get started. One aspect of game blogging that two of us realize is that starting a blog is our chance to give your in game character a chance to have a voice and you can expand upon the character you have created and love. Here are some fascinating topics for our Games-Pond blog:

Walk-Through: A walk-through is a comprehensive description of game play with screenshots, coordinates, and maps to help gamers new to a game browse and figure out how to perform. Newbie players appreciate walk-throughs because they might have given up on a game without your advice.

Lists: What are my favourite games of all time? What are my favorite games on the internet and on each gaming console? Those all make lists that are great to write around.

Help Other Gamers Pick: I’ll be write a blog post that assists other gamers decide what kind of game is ideal for them. They may not understand and might not have the experience playing different games just like I do.

Free vs. Paid Games:

Which games are worth the price? That makes an superb blog article because many gamers want to know before paying whether it will bel worth the money since there are many free games out there. Talking of free games, which are the finest games? It is possible to separate articles for games on various platforms, mobile, or versions that are online.

Guilds: As you know members can become friends and will help each other out in and out of this game. I can write about subjects related to guilds for example “Advantages of using a Guild”, “Best Games for Guilds”, or tell stories about relationships you build with guild members.

Hidden Keys and Exploits: An exploit is a “glitch” or previously unknown error in the programming that some gamers find by accident. An entry makes it too easy to accomplish tasks or goals in a game. As an instance, an exploit may allow a player to complete a flat or kill a boss because she or he had been accidentally positioned in the right spot. This is an issue because, such as the title describes, gamers can exploit this when detected and receive extras. In other instances, an exploit can allow a gamer to continue farming and gain unfair advantages against other players. There are many examples of exploits you have likely come across that I’m able to write about. Writing about exploits can pass info to other gamers but also can introduce problems so that they can fix it and make the game better or harder. Writing about exploits may be looked upon negatively by gamers, however if you’re exposing an issue in the game, you are able to expose cheaters and make the game more fair and fun. It may also improve your level of credibility and expertise .

Stories On My Game Play: Everyone likes to hear stories and I’m certain that each and every gamer gets at least a story or two. Perhaps it’s about a buddy gaming was made by me, perhaps it is about something funny that happened in game. Share stories about my game time offers an opportunity to escape from real life and reside in a fantasy world for this time I have to invest playing, creating characters, and living in an alternate reality.