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Siltbreaker – Act I: The Sands of Fate – Walkthrough Part 1

Posted on August 11, 2017  in Dota2

I. Picking phase

Before the run is start, you need to decide with your teammate what type of walkthrough you want to choose. Basicaly, there are 2 type of walkthrough

  • Farming artifacts: With this type of walkthrough, your main target is finding as much artifacts as you can. Without artifacts, 30-stars walkthrough is impossible to be done. You can choose anyhero that you think they are comfortable. I suggest picking : 1-2 DPS heroes, 1 tanker and 1 healer

  • 30-stars: With this type of walkthrough, your main target is complete the campain with full 30 stars. You must have amount of artifacts, specialy the artifacts which are dropped by killing the last boss – Rhyzik and Unhallow artifact (Dropped by killing Ankaboot). I recommend picking this lineup: Drow, LC, Troll, TA or SF for more DPS

In this walkthrough post, i will give you tips and tricks for both walkthrough above.

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II. Zone 1: Howling Weald

1. Quest

  • Find the Crossroads Garrison in under 9:00 / 6:30 / 3:00.

  • Hunt at least 8 / 12 / 16 Berzerker Hellbears.

  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.

2. Farming artifacts

For this first zone, you dont need to be rush for stars, just play slowly, stick with your teammate and kill all the creeps on the map for more money. When the farming gold reach over 1k6, you should get going to the next zone because there will be no more gold bags drop.

3. 30-stars

Run and kill the bear camps which are within the black circles, Those amount of camps have enough Berzerker Hellbears to complete the zone with 3 stars

While killing bears and wolves, DONT open chests, they will kill you or your teammate if you trigger land mines or sun strike.

After killing all the camps, 1 player should stay at the bridge (dont go to the otherside) and wait for others go back to farm and open chests. When the time almost reach 3 mins, that player will go through the bridge and GO BACK (just for completing the zone quest, if you continue, the time counting for zone 2 will start). Avoid going to the Red triangle area, when a hero go to that area, the time for zone 2 will start counting

4.Small tips for killing creeps

  • Alpha Dire Hounds will not use their ranged attack if a hero is standing next to them. Focus on killing them first

  • Keep distance against Berzerker Hellbears, their AoE attack deal lots of damage and slow you

  • Gather them and using AoE skills for fast killing.

III. Zone 2: Crossroads Garrison

1. Quest

  • Defeat Lucius Longclaw in under 9:00 / 7:00 / 5:00.

  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.

2. Farming artifacts

For this 2nd zone, you dont need to be rush for stars, just play slowly, Find and open as much chests as you can. Buying items that help you survive. Recommend buying Magic stick, it will help you a lot 🙂

3. 30-stars

This is the easiest zone, all of the Lucius Longclaw’s attacks are easily to dodge. Remember: The timer ends when talking to the commander, not when you kill Lucius Longclaw, so staying near him is key to get the 3 stars! You can collect chests after finishing this zone, save the time to kill creeps and boss first!

4.Small tips for killing creeps

  • The creep waves come from the top of the camp, start with 2 type of bears, if you stand in front of the fence (about 300 range), they will standing there and cant go through the fence. Killing them will be easy, if you want to collect items, stand near the fence => the Berzerker Hellbear will slap => the fence’s gone and you can collect gold bags and items

  • Lucius Longclaw takes a moment to charge his heavy stunning attack. Move away from his front to dodge it, specifically away from his side where a claw glows. If both glow, move away from or through him.

  • Lucius Longclaw will use a ranged attack that applies an effect similar to Bloodseeker’s Rupture. That projectile move slowly, you can easy dodge it.

IV. Zone 3: Trial of Gallaron

Recommend doing this before Zone 4: Bonemeal Ridge to make it much easier.

1. Quest

  • Find the Orb of Passage in under 7:00 / 5:30 / 3:30.

  • Your team must have no more than 5 / 2 / 0 deaths.

2. Farming artifacts

Do not try to navigate the trapped corridors all at once. Go one at a time to avoid bodyblocking your team mates. When you go through, wait your teammate to come and finish the wave of creeps together.

3. 30-starts

1 player should go alone to reach the orb while another go kill creep waves for gold, exp and items. By using SHADOW BLADE, you can go through the creep waves without their attention

4. Tips

  • Movement speed is invaluable. Phase boots, wind lace, artifact “the Pelt of the Old Wolf” will gain you more movement speed. By using Shadow Blade, you can dodge the creep waves also gain a lot of movement speed

  • The first set of traps are activated when the rectangular steps are touched. If your MS is higher than 420, use phase boots and run through them. If you are slow, be sure to pause on the appropriate steps.

  • The last 5 set of flame traps goes as follows:

    • First set, go after the last flame trap of the set fires.

    • Second set, go after the second group of flame traps pulse.

    • Third set, go after the last flame trap fires to the second line, waiting there until the flame bolt passes and immediately proceeding as it does.

    • Fourth set, wait for the full width pulses to begin and go after the 3 wide pulse finishes.

    • Fifth set, wait for when all the traps fire together in a 4 wide pulse, then go during the pause that follows.

This is the first walkthrough part, the other 2 parts coming soon :)!

Part 2: From zone 4 to zone 6

Part 3: From zone 7 to zone 10

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